Boyfriend changed his profile picture to his female friend?

What the hell. Ok he's known her for longer than me and we've been dating for 6 months. I'm 19, she's 17 and he's 23. Im super pissed cos they went to some camp together with their parents and other friends. Then he took a photo WITH her and one other friend and set it as his dp? They're both girls!! But he said he will introduce me to his group of friends soon.
But im pissed off cos he's in her profile pic (with the same group of friends). Even though he doesn't call or text her I'm pissed.
Would u break up with ur girlfriend if she had jealousy issues and fought over this?


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  • Wait what? You're confusing me with the changes in he/she? So are you the girlfriend or the boyfriend.

    Granted this girl is 17... So unless she's pretty? I don't think there's Gonna be any huge romantic chemistry going on

    If I was the boyfriend in this picture and my girlfriend started flipping out, I'd probably be a little off guard and think she's a psychopath... But then again I would try to be more understanding of her viewpoint. I mean why out of all the pictures in the world. What if she posted a picture of one of her close boyfriends?

  • Yeah I'd break up with her or tell her to get some act right. Jealousy can mean insecurity. There's no need to trip out over something small.

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