How can I get my friends to back off of me of my single life?

I've had THREE failed relationships and guys turned me down because of my height (6'1) and size (large built, 195lbs). I'm DONE with relationships. I've been single for four months and I LOVE it. My friend asked me when do I think I will be ready to date again. I told her when I feel ready and why. She told me she was very very disappointed because there was a guy that was interested in me and she told me he would give my dad his blessings. She also told me he's going to be a doctor and he loves children and will treat a woman right. She sounded disappointed and she told me to let her know when I'm ready. I'm tired of people telling me or asking me when will I be dating again! Everytime we talk about relationships, my best friend was like, "We gotta find Dana man." or she told me I should go out with our guy friend. How do I get them to stop? Maybe I should fine a man so they can back off!! Even one of my cousins told me, "Nobody wants to be lonely. I just broke up with my ex boyfriend and six months later, I met a wonderful man and we've been together for two years and now are getting married. You really should start dating again. You're going to regret being single forever. To be blunt, you're just afraid of a real relationship and something real. Take that risk! You're way too beautiful to be single."
I don't wanna get married and I don't want children right now. Plus I'm in college and working so I don't have time to date. My best friend was like, "You're too busy to date. Aren't you? Lol?

  • Maybe they just want you to be happy.
  • You should really give this man that your friend is trying to hook you up with a chance. Hey could be your future husband. Nobody wants to be alone.
  • Who cares what eveyone thinks? It's YOUR life and they have to respect that.
  • Tell them to back off.
  • Hell no! The single life is the best!!!
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  • You sound like a great gal. Is it guys are intimidated and turn you down, or you disregard samller guys? I was told by a 6'1 gal I approached (who was in great shape) (I'm 5'6) that she never gets approached at a bar. I thought... that was so sad, she was such a beauty. But she shot me down:) Too bad for her... You are only around 20lb heavy or so, that isn't that far off... I love tall girls, many guys do... so I don't get the problem as you described it.

    I voted C. But I'd suggest going into relational counseling to heal from the prior failures. Those failures should be chock full of information about you, what you need. It isn't just size that causes relational failures. But, failures are painful and it takes time to recover from them no matter what.

    I can relate to where you are, I took a long break from dating around your age. It wasn't fun, it wasn't working, I lacked training, and I got sick of it. So I just said "forget it", I'm going to live my life and have fun. I love being single and did, but I'm also ready for relationship again. There is no way to escape it... relationship is wired into us and I link it back to Genesis 2-3 in the Bible.

    I'd also suggest meeting the Dr. guy and see if you like him. You don't have to put yourself out there or into it. If you aren't ready, tell him you are recovering from prior relationship and not ready to date yet, sorry. If he's interested, he'll wait. But you know your feelings...

    • My friend had no right to be disappointed. It's my life not hers. I like being alone and I love my freedom. My cousin told me I should call up my friend and ask if I can meet this guy and also said I'll never know, he might me my future husband.

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    • can you post a photo of you? would it helped if we told you what we think and if we'd approach you?

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  • tell them to back off but do it nicely tell them you will do things in your own time and them pushing you is making stress levels rise for you and that they need to respect your choices as you have theirs

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