Is it bad if the girl is always starting the conversation? Should I stop texting him?

Is it bad if the girl is always starting the conversation?

  • Yes! It's bad! Stop texting him.
  • No! It's not bad. Keep texting him.
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  • He's probably just nervous and doesn't want to seem desperate. I used to hate initiating conversation because of always get a short answer and then nothing or one word answers.


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  • Well its not good lets just say that

    • Why would you say it's not a good thing? I mean we carry on a conversation for days... when it stops. I'm normaly the one to start the conversation again

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    • You're probably right! :( thanks!

    • I wish you the best of luck my friend keep your head up.

  • You sound silly. If you want to text him keep it. Don't consider other's ideas.

    • What are you saying? "If I want to text him keep it" (what do you mean by that?) and are you saying that I shouldn't ask other people what I should do? If I want to text him then I should just do it?

  • In all my past relationships I was usually the one to start a conversation. It was a big deal to me, why would it be for you?

    • Are you saying it "wasn't" a big deal? Or it "was"

    • Sorry that was a typo.
      It wasn't a big deal for me**

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