One girl constantly liking all my boyfriends stuff on Facebook?

Usually I don't take any notice of social media but this one girl has caught my eye. Every post my boyfriend puts up she likes it and now today she left a comment on his timeline. He had a sports event so she wished him well but in a overfriendly way and it doesn't sit right with me.

So I went snooping and she is just always there on all his posts. Where he doesn't like a single thing of hers or her pics. Were only together like a few weeks so we still haven't put in a relationship on Fb. It's really annoyed me because I don't know if there talking in private messages. We are still building our trust in the realtionship, So I don't want him to think I'm accusing him of anything. But I suppose I'm curious to how he actually knows this girl.

So so what should I do?

  • Bring it up in a casual way
  • Don't bring it up and if anything else happens in the next few weeks then bring it up
  • Just leave it could only cause unnecessary problems
  • Other
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  • Do you know how he knows her?

    • I don't know but she lives in a different part of the country and judging by her friends list none of his friends are on it.

  • I wouldn't be able to help myself so try drop it in as casually as possible. My ex had one of those girls and honestly she freaked him out. Some people are just creepy tbh.