How hard would it be to date someone who goes to a different uni?

I'll be in NY and he'll be in NC. That's roughly an 8 hour drive apart so I'm wondering if I should even get my hopes up.


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  • Don't get your hopes up. Not going g to work with that much distance. You're lying to yourself if you think you can be strong and make it work.

    • You're probably right
      I really like him though and I think he's really special
      But at the same time I feel like he would do much better without me than I would without him

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    • No worries. All advise is simply that, advise. I figure I'd just offer unfiltered, honest male reactions/advice to those that have questions.

    • That's great! I find people like you really helpful cause there are a lot of people who just offer BS advice

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  • Maybe you shouldn't date I the first place because trust me this will be a waste of time for you both

    • Yeah you might be right
      I feel like he's kinda out of my league too..
      Not sure why he would be interested in my I'm the first place :c

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    • Oh i didn't mean it that way but it will be hard for you and him and maybe one of you can't handle it but this doesn't mean that you shouldn't date him if you want to.

    • It's okay I need to be logical
      But yeah he's going to Duke and from what I hear the student body is really attractive. And since Duke is really hard to get into all the people there are probably super smart and super attractive. He'll probably find someone there. He deserves someone like that haha. I normally don't care about "leagues" but this is the one guys I honestly feel deserves better than me..

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