Should an extrovert date an introvert?

Do you think an extrovert and an introvert make the best pair, or two of the same? Are you an extrovert or introvert and what type have you dated in the past?

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  • An extrovert and an introvert are the best couple
  • Two extroverts or two introverts make the couples
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  • Extrovert and introvert, definitely. A beautiful, unique relationship of two people who love each other, one being confident and one not so much, and the extrovert can always help the introvert.


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  • I like opposites because I think you can bring out different things in the other person. I've dated both, and in certain relationships I was more introverted and others I was more the extrovert, cuz I border on both. But when I dated someone really similar to me I didn't like it that much


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  • I'm an introvert and I like introverts however, if I was to date an extrovert I would go for the ENFP personality type, the others tend to talk too much, and need people to recharge their batteries where as I like my peace and quiet and tend to need time alone to feel refreshed. However extroverts and introverts can get along as long as each respects the others personality needs.

  • I prefer introverts, I have more in common with them. Also I don't really trust extroverted girls. I think they are more likely to have slept around and more likely to cheat.


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