Girls, I need to understand! 100% truthful responses! Are these women lying to me?

Most all women I pursue romantically alway say, "Im such a nice guy." and "I am such a great catch." and "I shouldn't have any trouble finding someone." but they dont want to go out as "Im just not their type." What does this mean?

If I really was "such a great catch." but just "not their type." wouldn't they at least try and hook me up woth one of their friends? Seeing how Im "such a great catch" and all?

  • They are lying to you. Women dont view nice, respectful, loving caring guys as a catch.
    17% (5)
  • Something else.
    83% (24)
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  • they are just trying to reject you in a nice way. They are being hypocrite


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  • They could be telling the truth but don't like you in a romantic sense. Just like you can acknowledge someone is attractive but you're not attracted to them.

    • If I really was "such a great catch" wouldn't some of them try and fix me up with someone they know. Being that I am that, but just not their type?

      How do I become more attractive to women?

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    • Eh, you could also be trying for a specific answer but not getting it

    • Yes, an answer to my specific question.