Guys: Are shy girls a turn off?

I am confident, but shy AND introverted. However, I do know how to be social and enjoy it (kind of fake being an extrovert). I take a long time to open up and get to know. I am as passionate and wild and silly as the next girl, but I won't show it for months. In the past, guys show a lot of interest in me easily at first, but as weeks and months go by, they seem to lose that passion and persistence they had with me in the beginning. Ultimately, they just stop talking to me all together. I fear they all think I am boring and not worth the awkward stages. I am too shy and therefore too much effort I think. There has never been a "click" moment where I've felt it was right with a guy. Never had a boyfriend/24 years old.
Guys: Are shy girls a turn off?
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