Was this wrong of me to do?

There was a girl I dated last summer, and I had financial problems so I had to work 3 jobs. So I stopped talking to her. She got mad and whenever she'd see me she would run in the opposite direction, or ignore me. I saw her at the bar last year, we started talking I informed her on why I drifted away from her during the summer. I then asked her if we could go on another date, and she said no. This year I was doing a job by where she worked, and I came to her store and tried to have a conversation. She gave me signs that she didn't want to talk to me. Last month she came to my job site and brought me coffee, and wouldn't stop talking to me. The next day I went to her work and she acted really distant again. So two weeks ago I saw her point me out to her and her friends while at the bar. They then started laughing and one said "he's looking at us!" This week she brought me coffee again, and we were parked in the same place so she waited for me, and we walked to our vehicles together.

When we got to our vehicles I told I wanted her to leave me alone, because I have seen her point me out to her friends on several different occasions. I then said "I don't appreciate it, and whatever so are saying about me is most likely not flattering or nice. You are also giving me hot and cold signals, and this is just too confusing. So just leave me alone." was I wrong to do this?
Was this wrong of me to do?
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