Ended with my fwb? He ran into my friend and was asking about me?

Ended things with my friends with benefits 3 months ago. He hasn't called or text me and I haven't either but he ran into my friend and the first thing he did was ask about me , how I was , what was I up to and asked her like 3 times because she wouldn't say an answer she would just say I was fine until he saw she wasn't going to say anything. I guess he was wondering because I have ended before and have gone back but this time I haven't. He knows I have feelings and he told me he didn't want a relationship , that was part of the reason why I ended it. Why was he so persistent to know about me when he ran into my friend

I don't know what to think of it?


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  • No, he is acting normal. WHEN it comes to male, there is nothing as friendship its all about sex.

    • So your saying that it's because he would like to have sex with me again?

    • He also added me back on fb , insta and snapchat but if he wanted to know about why not just get the phone and text or call

    • Yep, He want the sex cuz its not easy to forget those "MOMENTS". I don't know why he don, t contact you? Well may be you are difficult to approach but I don't understand, why he is Shy after the sex?
      You can ask him.

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  • Well he cared about you. But knows why it ended. He's just asking ABOUT you because you guys aren't talking anymore so he can't find out that way.

    • He has recently added me back on social media and I post pics of me going out and like 2 drinks and stuff like that , I never post who I'm with on purpose even though I'm just with my friends. I still deeply care about him but I don't want to contact him because things were always on his terms and he'll always disappear and reappear on me

    • I know. friends with benefits is the most heartbreaking thing ever. I still miss mine terribly after five years. But stay strong and stay away. It's too much a stressful rollar coster to be with him

    • Thank you , yeah that's what I'm doing