Saying I love you?

i'm 16 and in my first relationship. we've been dating for a month.

i've had a crush on this boy since last September and we became friends in January. we talked everyday for hours upon hour and found out that we had a lot in common. he started liking my back in early February and acted upon it in march, and now we're dating.

i've never been they "boy-crazed" type. i've never had a real crush until i met this kid; there was just something special about him. everything about him makes me happy. everything he does and says is adorable and drives me insane. anything from the sound of his voice to the way he makes me laugh makes me smile.

i've seen nothing but the good in this boy for the past 8 months and i fall for him further everyday.

my question is, is it possible to be in love this early in a relationship? what are signs of being in love?

i know people my age are eager to jump into new circumstances like this and are so sure of themselves without putting immense thought into anything, but i've been considering this nonstop for the past few days. i've adored everything about this boy for a while, and it's exhilarating knowing that i can finally express it.

he says that he's one to say 'i love you' early in a relationship because he falls for people pretty hard.. so i don't think that he'd be too weirded out and he'd probably understand - perhaps the feelings would even be reciprocated.

what do i do?
Saying I love you?
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