Bad sex, need advice?

I had sex with this guy after the second date. I was nervous and unsure if I should do it. So as a result it was horrible (I blame myself). I was stand off ish and regret being that way. It was also a long time since I been sexually active so that added to it. I didn't share this information with him. The night ended really weird, since his son came home early and immediately after we had sex I had to leave since his son was coming home. His son saw us as he walked me to the car. He kissed be good night but wish we could of talked about it. Not sure what to do now. I sort of want a sex do over. He has not been responding as quickly to my text and it seems like maybe he wants to not see me again but I would like to see him again. I can understand after that night why he would not want to see me. How should I approach this? Should I explain myself, saying that I'm sorry I was distant the other night. I was nervous but would like to see you again. Should I asked first, asking him that it seems like you don't want to talk anymore. Need advice.
Bad sex, need advice?
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