Is This a Date or Not?

I dated this girl a few times. But she broke it off. It was pretty messy so there was a period of fighting. We have exchanged the odd message during the last couple of months. I like her and would like to get back with her so I've been trying to address the problems she had with me. She knows that I have but she's not convinced it will change her feelings, understandable as a leopard doesn't change it's spots. I know she's been dating other people as my friend thinks it's hilarious to send me screen grabs of her dating profile to let me see what I lost. A few weeks ago she bought something off of me. When we met I could barely look at her, or speak to her. I just felt totally gutted. She said I didn't seem thrilled to see her but that she got it. I decided to swallow a brave pill and messaged her to ask her out. She said yes, providing it was the week after this. And that she didn't mind what we did so long as it wasn't too adventurous as she's not got a lot of free time (single parent) which is perfectly understandable, but it's not something she said when we were dating. I said we could leave it until she's got more time or if she's still not feeling it. She replied: "I never have enough time and always try to make some"

She clearly knows that I like her romantically so is this a date? Or a friend date? Or a let's see how this goes before we arrange a proper date type thing? The situation is kinda messy. I don't even know if she's dating anyone right now or not. Where would you take her?


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  • I feel like It's her giving it another chance. Maybe not jumping all the way in so soon but trying it out. You dont have "friend dates" with ex's that you have a strong emotional past with. there's def more than just friends hanging out going on here.

    • I would love to believe that was the case. The whole lets not make it too time consuming thing threw me a little though.

    • well it turns out, not a date. And not something to look forward to if we go

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