Is it normal to be jealous of young couples?

Is it normal to be jealous of young couples?
I am sitting alone yet again at a restaurant with no one to eat with. I don't have that many friends, and I have never had a girlfriend before (I am 21 and almost 22).

I am failing at life. I got kicked out of college. I have mental health issues.

It depresses me to see young couples on dates when i am out. And here I am sitting alone.

I have high standards so I doubt I will have a girlfriend anytime soon, if not ever.

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  • Jealousy can be normal.. But bit can also be damaging and dangerous to yourself and to others.. So be careful in not turning that jealousy into hatred.. Cause you'll just end up more miserable than you are now, plus you could end up doing something really dumb that will not resolve your issues and only make them worse.

    If you have high standards, the girls you are after more than likely also have high standards.. So if you're not living up to your expectations yourself, then you'll have to rely on luck and hope that something happens with someone..

    Anyway, I would never go to a restaurant by myself.. I never understood and still don't understand why people do that... It's sad and scary...

    And if you have mental problems, why don't you seek help? Therapy of some sort, someone to talk with.. That can help you, and it doesn't necessarily have to be a professional therapist... Or maybe a psychiatrist.. I don't know.. But get the help somewhere!!

  • You're still young? 21? Like come on that's the peak age.

    • Well I will be 22 in the next few months. I guess I start descending down the peak at that point.

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  • where's the food? i wanna see food

    • 😁😁😁😛!!! He ate it alllll!!
      All of it!!! 😁!!

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