Girls, do you have something against shy, quiet guys?

So I'm a very introverted person with social anxiety disorder and severe depressive disorder. I've had terrible times all throughout high school and now into my sophomore year of college with women. They don't really befriend me to any degree even though I'm fine with my conversation skills. So i was wondering if it's because of my demeanor or how i act in public. Do women just find people like me repulsive? It's hard enough dealing with people in general, not to mention the complete lack of help anywhere for people with severe social anxiety. I just want to know if it is because of my personality that women refuse to even become an acquaintance.


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  • I used (still have a bit ) to have social anxiety and depression and it's just mostly the awkwardness that that sickness gives us that destroy the whole thing. It's nothing wrong with you or anything it's a skill that you train through the years after dealing with social anxiety, that's all :) Try not to over think it because that's what kills it too !

    • I'm just tired of dealing with the struggle even try to make friends or get into a relationship. I try everyday to talk to someone new, and everyday i go to bed feeling like I don't even want to get out of it in the morning. Because I try and fail every single day. I've been trying to talk to someone new for ove 4 months now and it's just always ends badly. So I'm just tired of the struggle. if I'm not even appealing to someone why should I even bother? It's just I'm tired of my disorders being a weight over me. It's honestly suffocating.

    • I know. I felt like that too but you just have to push yourself even harder, that's what you have to do in order to get out of that hell hole. It's not easy, absolutely not but it's worth it.
      Don't try to hard when you talk to people either, if you feel the anxiety creeping up on you while holding a conversation with someone, take a pause and breath. Think about kittens or whatever you like and makes you happy. Just don't give up!

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  • The only issue I have with shy people is that I find it difficult to know where I stand with them. I need a guy to open up to me about his thoughts and feelings, if he doesn't then I assume he feels indifferent towards me.

    I pull a way from people if I don't know where I stand.

  • Hey. Listen this is going to be a weird answer. But I was so severely bullied in school I was terrified of people. I still am. I am on disability for the PTSD of what they did to me. It's THAT bad. So I have two suggestions.

    1) Smoke pot and take CBD for the social anxiety. Not the stuff on the street. You want a low THC kind of experience and need a medical MJ place to hook you up with the right stuff. If it's legal in your state there are always Docs that are real generous with passing out the card. If it's not then just try CBD which is legal everywhere

    2) FIND A THING IN COMMON with the women you are talking to. And have interests where you can invite others to join you. For example, if you like gaming, have the latest video games, and when you run into another gamer chick, start talking about that, THEN you can issue an invite to play. There a friendship begins

    3) DON'T worry about having sex at first. It's cool if you just have female friends because they will qualify you as "cool'. Other girls will see these females around you and this will be like "social proof" that you are not all creepy. So you want girls around talking to you. Relax and be a bud and let it flow naturally

    good luck!


    • Umm... I'm already on medication for my anxiety. Plus I live in a state that it's not legal in.
      As for the rest of it thanks for the advice.

    • Your welcome!

  • No, I don't.