If you LOVE something should you let it go or should you fight for it?

If you LOVE something should you let it go or should you fight for it?

i guess that question depends on your maturity and how you see life.

i broke up with my ex in December not because we fought or anything but because I seen she was starting to have to group of friends, started doing new things, and she wanted out more. Before the week of our break up I could tell she was confused on what she wanted in life.

me being 3 years older than her I can sense from experiance she wants to see what's out there. So I sat her down and told her:

" I love you. I love you enough to do what I'm about to do, but I believe in my heart God will bring you back. I've just noticed how you've been carrying yourself lately and you're trying to get the best out of life, I've been there so I know. I'm going to let you spread your wings and find what you're looking for in life. If this is true love you'll be back, if not then God had better plans for us".

she did get in another relationship, and we talk from time to time but I understand she's young and needs to experiance life as it is.

as for me I'm dating another female at the moment.

for the people out there struggling in their relationship don't hold on to your pattner if their not happy let them experiance life a little without you. The grass might be greener it might not, but let then experiance life and you go to. Stop waiting and go get it


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  • I'd fight for someone I love, granted that their heart is in the same place as mine.
    If they've already checked out of the relationship, and no longer seem to be interested, there's clearly not much left to fight for.

    • If that same girl starts ignoring you, but still gives you dirty looks and makes it a point to show she is pissed at you, is there still a chance to mend things?

    • @MsoooLost not really. If she's actually upset with you, it's not your problem to resolve whatever may be causing that until she tells you her deal, at the very least.
      If she's playing games, it's best that you maintain your sanity and don't play into them. Don't play into games like that which many girls use to help them always feel wanted and desired, ie. being manipulative and all with their interest's feelings.

  • i think if its important to , you should put all your effort, then if it comes to nothing, move on. its just hard to know when you should be at which point.

    • but i think making an effort is healthy. holding on, is not. think you guys did right :)

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  • I would always fight for it until I lose the reason to.