He made the move but then blew me off?

so this guy I've been talking to on and off for a couple months told me that he really wanted to get to know me and take me out sometime. He suggested to watch the sunset and get dinner sometime and I agreed. Then a couple days later he asked again and we made plans for Monday night. Monday came around and he texted me and said that he couldn't go anymore and when I asked why he said it was because he didn't have any money for dinner or has to get to the beach. I thought he was just blowing me off so I didn't text him back. I told my friend what happened and they said that he probably was telling the truth and didn't have any money because he doesn't have a job currently. After about 30 minutes I texted him back and told him that I could just drive and he responded by saying that his friend was already on his way over and that he was sorry. What the heck happened?
He made the move but then blew me off?
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