Will you make friend with your friend's enemy?

My boyfriend and my best friend cheated on me. They made it so obvious that our mutual friends all knew about their cheating, and they boycotted both of them. I was hurt very badly. Then I broke up with him, and I stopped being friend with my friend. Couple weeks later he came back and begging me to forgive him. He cried. He swore. He asked my friends to help him to come back with me. And I did forgive him because I still loved him.

2 years later, from what I have heard from my friend that my ex-friend (let's call her 'Sammy') flirted, dated, cheated, and dumped many other guys. She also flirted with boyfriends of her friends too just like what she did to my boyfriend. What made me surprised was I saw pictures of her taken with my friends at their parties. Seemed like they had so much fun together.

My friends knew she was a fucking slut and she did terrible things to other people especially women. They told me about she did this, she did that, and bla bla bla. Why the hell on earth they were still hanging out with her? My friend once time asked me to join their party, and I was so mad about it. I told them I would never hang out with that bitch, and they stopped inviting me to their parties. The funny thing I saw in their pictures were all of her ex-crushes (they came to the party with their girlfriends) and her current-boyfriend were together.

If you were a man and you knew your girlfriend invited her ex-crushes (plural) come to your party, what would you think? Would you happily let her do that?

Are sluts forgiven for what they do? Are my friends good friends to me? I feel like those "friends" just wanna have fun and they don't really care about my feelings. Should I stop being their friends?


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  • If your friends cared about you they wouldn't do that. Get friends who treat you with respect, kindness, gratitude, loyalty etc If I were you I wouldn't trust her and I would move on from this. Know that your the better person and your doing whats right. As soon as you move past this the sooner you'll forget.