Are all the girls on here batshit crazy?

Be honest because I really want to know. All the questions I've seen in the dating section from the women are crazy and the guys are just wonder how they can improve so.

  • You've asked a question on here with and obvious answer
  • You always think your boyfriend is cheating
  • You relax and try to improve your people skills
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  • I'm not crazy persayyyyy lol... I enjoy every bit of my insanity☺
    I don't know about the dating section this is a small community... on the web at that lol. I wouldn't take the majority of these people that serious. Question's in every section can get a little ehhhhh batshit crazy lol, it's not just the women. Some are insecure or just curious/clueless. Don't put too much thought into it #ThunderCatHOOOOOOO#VulcanSalute my young friend


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  • How come all the girls are batshit crazy? You're crazy. Fix that. They're free to ask in any way about their relationship. It's none of your concern to decide whether it's crazy or not!


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  • i dont understand the poll, are you asking me how i can improve not being crazy? or are you asking me how i think guys can improve.

    give some examples of crazy questions. thats a start.

    • All the is he cheating on me here's all his text that aren't realted to cheating at all ones haha it was more of a joke poll maybe get to see some more crazy people I don't know

  • I think mostly everyone on tinternet is crazy me included.

  • They're no more crazy than the crap ones you guys persistently put on here.

    • Yea there are some Pervy guys on here too

    • Heavens, a guy who readily agrees with a woman!

      What is the world coming to? lol

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