Girls, I took my ex be back, now l am so insecure how do l fix this?

We were on a break, he thought l was cheating, and said he needed time to clear his head. I knew I was not and we were moving very fast, so l was okay with it. I have been on breaks before but the break was extended to three weeks. He partied a lot, l saw him out with other women, and we acted like complete strangers. He sweet talked me, said he loves me, there is no other girl like me, he wished other girls were like me (that's an insult). He was glad we met, he hopes l have a good life even if he is not in it, and that he was sorry for being immature and standoffish. We spoke about his citing with other girls, he said he did not sleep with anyone, but he was tryna clear his mind, these were friends.

After two days of begging n apologizing I took him back. Now l am stalking his fb page, his messages, querying his actions. I don't trust him, and this has only been the first week.
l continually question if this relationship is based on sex, he acted distant in the past when we would have sexy, so l have been withholding sex from him. I think l have gotten paranoid, and l don't want to be in this relationship, l have too many doubts, this could never be healthy. But when we break up its so hurtful, l hate the feeling. What do l do?


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  • You want to break up. It's quite clear. I'm sure you know more then I do about your situation, so do it. Of course it will hurt, it's normal. But you'll learn to heal in time. I bet you'll feel much more pleasant then you do right now, after doing it


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