I don't know how to proceed really about this?

So I've been working at this restaurant for two years. It's crazy and I love it, but I'm thinking of quiting cuts I have a better paying job. Well I ended up blocking my ex from my life and I'm ready to see other girls.

Now me and my ex been on and off for 2 years and I've been busy so talking to other women was rare. Anyway this girl I work with (19) [I'm (24) ] and I have been talking and I don't know it's become weird. We did talk about if we was ever going to date at one time and see stated it would never happen.

But this year we've been getting a lot closer and flirty. She bought me a cake for my birthday which was unexpected and I have yet to give her anything for hers. So I was thinking of going to worlds of fun with her. I mean I like her and I think her personality is a tad weird, but I can dig it. I think the only thing that would stop us would be our skin color. She's Caucasian and I'm Haitian.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I don't know how to proceed really about this?
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