Girls, Should I tell this girl my feelings over text, she won't pick up my calls?

Basically we went on two amazing dates and she agreed to a third but she been ignoring me for the past week and said keep calling her!

But she seemed to really care before and I was waiting to the 3rd date to tell her now I feel I may not get the chance!

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  • Yeahhhh that isn't a good sign. If she's been potentially dodging your calls then maybe one 'Just wanted to know if we we're still on for a third date, I'm still interested but this is the last time I'm going to try and reach out to you' type thing.

  • say it because you have nothing to lose, but that's it. write something like: I really like you and would like to get a chance to hang out with you and plan a date for us. If that's okay with you, call me.
    And that's it. When you write this it's up to her. U do your thing and care no more unless she reach for you.

  • You can tell her you're interested in dating her, but if she feels like things are moving to fast you might want to ask her but don't come off Needy or desperate. Or just give her more time

    • so how do i say it than, can you give me an example?

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    • so it that a yes or not to sending it?

    • sure go ahead

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