I think I'm in lust with my co-worker?

He is new to the company and from the instant I met him, I have not stopped thinkin about him!!

we did hook up and hang out which has fuelled this all so much more...

He he has gone all cold now on me but I often catch him looking at me and he treats me much differently to other co-workers!

is he just being a di*k, why would he do this?

I am am a nice person and not exactly unattractive!


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  • He is playing you and you arej ust a lay for him.

    • Thanks for the honesty!

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  • Ok, it seems like he is giving mixed signals so are you still in lust with him?

    • Yeah unfortunately - it's very messy!

  • What do you mean by being a dick like what is he doing or how is he acting?

    • One minute he is nice and seems interested and then he goes all cold and avoides me!

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    • Yes so true! I think I'll have to go out on a limb cause I'll drive myself insane otherwise!

    • Yes you will and have slightly began already, but that's okay we came back to reality. Either way go for it an good luck dear.

  • keep trying harder, he is into you too he loves his job too

    • Yes he does love his job, I love mine too that's why I don't know should I keep trying to pursue this😞

    • yes but outside work place

    • Yes of course outside of work, it doesn't spill into work which is great!

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