He deleted me from snapchat just out of the blue? Please help, I'm so confused and I keep overthinking it :( ?

''Sooo I went out a couple of times with this guy named Damon. We always had a great time, especially the last two times we went out. The last time we saw each other was last Friday when he picked me up from a party and took me home. We sat on a bench near my house and just talked about everything. I felt like we really grew on each other. The next day we didn't talk, but that night I went to a concert and he just texted me, asking how it was and we talked something about that, but nothing much. On Sunday he didn't text me at all, yesterday neither, even though I sent him two snaps. These snaps were random, nothing special, but still he could have sent me something back? Also I tagged him on Instagram on something funny and there he replied. Also today I sent a snap from school, saying ''Done for today'' and he replied Awesome! and that was it?
I simply don't get him... We had fun every time we went out, we got along, well we still do, but he doesn't text me at all nor does he invite me out. What is his deal?''
I posted this a couple of days ago. But yesterday i ran into him at a party and he wanted to talk with me all the time and he didn't leave me alone so he ended up walking me home. I asked him what was his deal, why didn't he text and he was like that I didn't either, just random snaps and that's why he didn't reply. Then we ended up kissing and when I came home he texted saying 'you're mine, you know that?'' and i said ''no'' and he was like ''you're not?'' and i said ''i dont know, with time'' and he was like ''i don't like that, u should be mine at least a bit'' and i asked him the same question and he was like ''of course i'm yours:)'' and i was just like ''nice'' and he was like ''hah cool''. then today he didn't send me ONE snap or texted me at all and he saw only one of my stories out of three, so I sent him one hour ago a snap of me watching Game of thrones and I saw that he deleted me from snapchat? why would he do that? not even my ex did that!
He deleted me from snapchat just out of the blue? Please help, I'm so confused and I keep overthinking it :( ?
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