Girls and guys, would it be a 'deal breaker' if you found old scars on the body of the one you're dating? Would you break up with them?

Say that you've been going out with them for a while and you really like them. One day you accidentally lay eyes on old (selfharm) scarrs. Would you still date them or would you break up? I do not mean fresh cuts only scars here.
Share your reasoning!

  • I would break up with them
  • I would stay with them
  • I would be unsure
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  • I would stay with her so I could help her get through the hard times that she has and support her


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  • I would be really unsure. I would be afraid those tendencies would return and she would possibly hurt me or someone else. If not, I would be scared she needs to be on meds in order to be stable and therefore she truly isn't who I think she is.

  • I don't know anyone who would say "Hey, this person used to have severe emotional problems. That's so gross." More like, "How can I help?" It might not be something that one should bring up ("Hey, what's with those scars?") but it isn't an automatic deal-breaker.


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