What are some reasons a guy gets distant?

I've been talking to this guy and the connection and feeling was really strong we went on 3 dates and would text or snapchat all the time.

i know he still likes me because we've talked at least once everyday since our last date ( last date was a week from last Saturday) but they very very short brief convos and sometimes only once a day with like 4 exchanges. The convos end because he either doesn't pose a question or anything to continue it, I'm not gonna respond to an lol. ( but he ALWAYS initiates it) maybe cuz he's busy? Or they end because he went off and did something and hadn't seen it yet ( text would say delivered in snaochat but unopened)

i miss our deeper convos and the strong confessions of feelings we had for each other. He's busy with wrapping up school he has exams soon so maybe things will go back to the way they were?

its not that I don't think he likes me he's just way less attentive. I know even when a guys busy they still make time for you? What are your thoughts on his distance? Intentional or does he not even notice cuz he's busy? We never had an argument and nothing ever went wrong, never had a bad date


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  • How about you just ask him?

    • because than that will make me look clingy desperate and the over anylactic, crazy women that only girls ask guys is doomed to know.

    • Then I will break it to you right now: If you asking why he has been distance will be a cause of you breaking up - the relationship wouldn't have lasted.

      The next thing I will break to you. Communication is key. If you have an issue with or inside your relationship, you gotta communicate it to figure out where it comes from. If you dont, then your relationship will be doomed to fail as well.

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  • He met another girl, thats almost always the reason

    • I really don't think so.. None of his social media indicates that and he really, really liked me as he states in the beginning..

      Unless he found someone else he really, really likes... More...

    • people change everyday. a guy can act like he really really likes you and then 2 weeks later y'all dont even talk anymore.

    • That is honestly so true ! Guys are so indescisive