So annoyed with my boyfriend😡, Advice?

So I have talk to my boyfriend since Friday. At this point I feel like I just step into a high school relationship because I was the one who contact him asking him how was work which he works the night shift and long story short I told him to contact me when he was ok break and be never did. So on my way to work and he as about get off of work I message him saying " I can see that you busy work tonight since you didn't get a chance to contact me back, I hope went well and I'm on my to work and I'll talk to you sometime soon" he read and never said anything back and I thought okay hell just saying something later. Still haven't talk to him, it shouldn't matter who contacts who but at this point I feel like he's not making effort to talk to me and I'm not just feeling that now because what I just mention having feeling this for almost a week now but what just happened just make more upset. So I haven't contact him because he needs to make effort but I don't if will at this point and sick feeling said and stress over this so I guess I'm saying I need some feedback because I'm just sick of the BS
So annoyed with my boyfriend😡, Advice?
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