Is he interested or not, or am I just being a dramatic insecure woman?

Been talking to this guy for awhile now, I wasn't that interested at first. But I am now. We had one date we chilled listened to music and nothing happened. Then we chilled again and we cuddled got drunk had sex and he was calling me beautiful and hugged me really tight after sex. We didn't see each other much again, put messaged each other. Then I saw him at a party and he was talking to this girl and he likes all of her photos, perhaps they are friends I don't know. But that same nt he said he liked me but he was drunk, as was I. We talk most days, if I don't speak he will message me, even something small. However, he doesn't like my photos and I am just starting to doubt he likes me as we don't hang out that much. He said hed like to go on a date in a forest but it just hasn't happened and I am too scared to ask as I don't like clingyness. Not sure whether he has lost interested or if I am just seeing things different because I have started to become interested


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  • I didn't read anywhere where you actually asked him out for another date either.

    • I am scared I don't want to be rejected cus he seems to be quite popular and always doing stuff with his boys. Good point though

    • All you have to say is, "Hey, I had a good time. Want to grab something eat?" (Guys love to eat!) LOL

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  • He doesn't seem THAT interested, at least yet. I don't know if you have much of a solid connection yet but it seems like he is still feeling you out and still willing to get to know you better. I don't think at this point he has feelings or really likes you, but not saying he won't. Girls always want to rush this and feel a strong connection, especially after sex. But guys do not. Just keep taking it one day at a time but definitely try hanging out more.

    • Not sure what to do? Or how to go about this

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    • He has asked me to parties, to go to town and on a date but I said I was buzy, tho this was quite a few weeks ago. I may just try asking, I feel he has been interested in me but maybe he has lost interest. I am not too sure. Thank you for your advice I really appreciate it

    • Well, unfortunately although I don't frown upon having sex, a guy will usually stop trying to date and wine and dine if you sleep with them, especially without making him take you on a date first. So yeah, he asked you out before you slept with him but he may not now.

  • you are not dramatic and insecure, you just made the mistake of having sex with a guy too early. now you are vulnerable because you dont know how he really feels and didn't take the time to get to know him before fucking. so you put yourself in this situation

    I think he doesn't like you too much and doesn't have much interest in you. he probably has enough interest to hang out and get laid, but he hasn't taken you on a date and pays more attention to other girls on social media than he does you

    i think deep down you know whats up, you just dont want to face it. he talks to you daily to keep the connection open because you never know when you'll need some sex

    however you guys have just had drunk hookups, but i dont see anything where he has made real effort to impress you and take u on dates. y'all just chill listen to music get drunk and fuck. i think you should keep your options open and start dating other guys. keyword DATING, not chilling and fucking while drunk.

    • Thank you. Just going to move on lmao this SUCKS but I can do it

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