What to do when you're in the dating stage and like all the people that you are dating but want to take things to the next step? Read description (?

I am dating (going out/getting to know/hanging out) with a few guys and I really like them all each individually and as persons and I think they are all great guys. I would like to get to know them better - but I am afraid that if I get too involved with them (2-3 of them), I may start to develop feelings for more than one or they for me and I don't want to hurt them... even less if they are great guys.. How can I handle this situation? Men... any advice?


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  • Just take your time and tell each guy you like to take things slow and not rush. If they are into to you then they will be patient. Your not doing nothing wrong by seeing all these guys. Your just keeping your options open.

    • You are right :) thank you.

      They are not rushing either, we have just hung out 1-2xs but we do chat every now and then... so it is not like when you were young that you talk often/almost every day and then within 2-3 months, you are together... It's different this time and since I'm not very used to 'dating' or getting to know 'few' at the same time... it's a bit weird haha or not weird but just... I'm cautious I don't want to lead people on and then be like ohh sorry! i like someone else I'm going to be with them.. Thank you for your answer. I appreciate it.
      Can you maybe give me some info/advice about men who are dating in the early 30's? Let
      s say 29-33... Is there any thing in specific good to know? Since these are always hard working men, it is usually a busy time in their lives? What do you think?
      Thanks again in advance! :)

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    • Hahah, okay! I'll try/see if i can remember and i will! haha
      and yeah most likely ;-) I am sure he is interested in me - at least when he sees me he will be reminded that he is hahah but not when we are not together. :P so yeah, thanks for your comment and response! appreciate it. :)

    • Your very welcome.πŸ˜ƒLol I bet when he sees you and hangs out with you he will be happy to be in your presence and enjoy your company a lot. lol.πŸ˜ƒ But again your very welcome And thanks for the updates. I hope things work out.πŸ˜ƒAnd time will tell what happens. I think the chemistry and connection is their. We will see what happens.😷

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