How to make the most out of this?

There is a girl that I am interested in. We talk back and forth, and are in a few classes together. I have taken to liking her, and I feel that she is also somewhat interested in me. I have met her parents, and they greeted me with much approval. I had taken her to a dance earlier in the year. Things got hot and cold after that, and we stopped talking. At the time, I thought she was playing hard to get, and I don't play games, so I gave up. But in the recent weeks, we have been talking more and more, and flirting a bit. She told me that she started ignoring me because she was too shy. We have a date scheduled for this Saturday, and I want to make the most of it without being shy and messing things up. I'm inexperienced. How do I do this?
How to make the most out of this?
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