What would you do?

Okay, here is a scenario. You are in a relationship with your partner of two years. Both of you are in community college, but you both have the intentions of attending a university. Your importance in life regarding your partner is living with this person and/or being around this person while pursuing your passion.
1. You consider this partner of yours to be very important on your list, but you don't know if your partner values you the same as well.

2. You are close to finishing community college, but your partner still has another year or so.

3. Your partner recently lost someone close, so their emotional state is not too good at the moment.

4. You have to decide between either leaving off to a university and pursuing your major, or staying behind to take up a vocational program.

5. Your partner has the potential to move out of the state to live with different family if they really wanted to, but you don't know when or if it would happen; or if you could even stop it.

6. Your partner doesn't want to talk about the future since they do not know what they want.

Is the idea of a long distance relationship an option for you? Do you think this is something that should be talked about? Is two years long enough to start getting really serious? What would you choose? What are you thinking in this scenario?

What would you do?
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