I feel as if his friends don't like me because of our differing economic backgrounds... Like they think I'm a spoiled judgmental brat... ?

Some background... I met this guy on social media a couple weeks ago. I'm 21; he's 27; he moved here from another country a year ago with his bro to begin a new life and be with his band. He asked me out right away. Yesterday was the first time we met and it was at a family/friend gathering picnic thing... They all speak Spanish mostly, and I only know a little Spanish so that was awkward for me, I felt as if I stood around and was partially clueless most of the time. I am not that social and I am shy so I even more felt weird.
not to mention, they're older (25-40 age) and half were heavily punk (piercings, tattoos on neck and everywhere, all black clothing, etc) and the other half were dressed plain. They all are from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and have tried very hard to be where they are at.
& here I am, i am not judgmental whatsoever. I think a human is a human and I wanted to get to know these people and have a good time. I could care less how they dress or how much money they've got. I am attracted to character.
However, I am kinda spoiled because my dad provides me a wonderful life. He worked hard and immigrated here himself, and I am his treasure. If I can admit without sounding full of myself, I am well aware I have good looks, but I really am shy and not stuck up at all. I dressed more upscale when I went.. Casual... Not punk whatsoever. His bro never said hi to me, just stared at me, and so did a few of his friends (the ones most punk). I feel like they all hate me or are judging me bc they think I'm judging them or I'm from some rich snobby background. Maybe I'm overthinking it, but I don't get why they wouldn't be more friendly...
by the way, in case you're wondering, he already asked me out again. So I know he's diggin me.. I just thought our first meeting was really off for me.


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  • Relax, coming from an Asian that sounds normal. Filipino to be exact. They tend to be conscious with a new face and become wary. It'll eventually go away. If not then they're judging :))


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  • Blood is thicker than water. It's because you're not Spanish and don't speak Spanish fluently.