Are We Broken Up?

I'm 25 been with my 25 year old boyfriend for 2 years. We have been living together in my place, and a few days ago my boyfriend moved out, as we have been fighting non-stop. He said we should do relationship counselling, although he feels it is my anger that starts the fights, I agree. Yesterday we got into a huge fight, he walked out on me, while i was crying. He refused to even tell me that he loves me, as he felt he would get hurt. I did a stupid thing, & looked through his phone and saw that he was making plans with his male friend for drinks... it upset me. My boyfriend since, last night has said "leave me alone, i want nothing to do with you", and even refused to go to relationship counselling. Not sure what to do? He still has a photo of us on his facebook, i still have his computer and tv in my place... What do I do? I love him!
Are We Broken Up?
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