Should I just move on?

so i dated this guy for 4 months but we stopped seeing each other because he didn't want to commit to me. he had a lot of doubts about our relationship because he was very particular in wanting someone that had the same common interest as he does.. so one day i called it quits because i saw no point in investing any more time. After i walked out on him we ended up meeting in person a few days later to end things in better terms.. he seemed a bit hesitant and confused as to what he wanted because he kept sending me mixed messages. its a long story but i kind of ended up hurting him because i did something i shouldn't have. So he told me he was beginning to think that letting me go was a mistake but after what happened he's not so sure anymore.. i texted him back that i still really like him a lot even if he doesn't want to commit to me and that its taking me a lot of courage to even tell him this but ever since then i got no response from him. why do you think he didn't respond? if he hasn't responded for 3 days it probably means that he won't be texting me again right?
Should I just move on?
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