Who should ask for the date? How long is he gonna take? Did I screw it by not letting him kiss me?

Hi there :) I met a guy I really like in a club two weeks ago. We danced, kissed, and exchanged numbers. After four days, he texted me and we set up the first date. It went really well and we spent four hours just talking. The chemistry was there :) we mentioned already a few things we should to together (which is i guess a good sign). He also tried to kiss me, but i refused. It was different in the club, i was a little dizzy and there was music and stuff. So i didn't want to give the impression im easy to get just because we already had made out once. However, even after everything went well. So after three days I texted him this time to set up a second date. This time we went to a rollerskating disco, and it was much fun. We didn't talk that much this time, but its okay. It was also not that exciting as the first time, probably because we already talked about the basic questions. Anyway, i really love talking to him. A lot. However, this time I really wanted to kiss him but there wasn't a good occasion to do so, and you dont want to force it, right? When we parted, i gave him a little kiss on the cheek, kinda to show him i'd be ready the next time to 'take it further'. This was four days ago by now. I promised to myself to let him ask me out again for a third date, which i was sure is going to take place. Im not that sure anymore, since i had time to think about it by now. Was it right to refuse the kiss? Did I send the wrong signals? But, I DID set up the second date so he should know i like him... Is he still interested in me? How long should i wait for him to text me? (i already mentioned its been four days...) should i even text HIM if he doesn't text me after a long time? The problem is that I really like him... What should I do? Thank you guys :)


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  • I get where you're coming from, but I'm betting he sees the kiss curve and the cheek kiss as a friendzone or a tease kind of thing... Also, are you sure that he likes you? He also could just be in it for the physical side, and he may have just lost interest.

    • You know we were hugging at the goodbye, but i didn't feel like kissing him there, trainstation, dirt, all those people. You know. So i thought this was better than only hugging... You dont think so?🙈

      Ehm i dont actually KNOW, but it felt like he liked me.. But we didn't talk about it. However he didn't try to kiss me the second date which he would have if it was just physical, or not?

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    • @Audax94 please help... :/ ;)

    • Sorry, I took so long. Had my last final, so it's been a crazy week. He hasn't texted you yet? I suppose you could just text him and be honest, and say that you really like him, but you didn't want to move to fast. If he understands then awesome, and if he's still done, then you did all you could.

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  • Just be true to yourself. You can kiss a guy whenever you want. If you werent feeling like it the last time then that is ok. he will either stay with you and go at your pace, or he will move on. let him come to you. dont scare this guy off because you like him so much that you get anxious and worried. be chill the right guy will come to you at the right time, whether its him or not.