I can't seem to trust him.. even though I can't pin him to cheating?

My fiancé and I have known each other for about 4 years. We are getting married in a couple of months so we will be living together. We met on facebook and we pretty much hit it from there. Before he proposed and we got really close he wasn't very loyal. Maybe because we weren't really close, but I guess as we got closer he became more faithful... we don't live in the same country right now and he did give him his fb and Skype passwords but I don't know why I can't seem to trust him and think he's always cheating with some other girl. We have a strong relationship.. we see each other via Skype every single night and even sleep to each others voices. I will not that during our relationship there were times when I wasn't faithful, but I am now. And I know he wasn't completely faithful through this relationship too... Is it just me?
I love him very much and we both can't live without each other... how can I learn to trust him and not worry about cheating so much


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  • It's your guilty causious since you wernt faithful you think he isn't

    • But I am faithful now... besides I know for a fact he wasn't very faithful in the past

    • Then both being cheaters isn't going to help because at the end of the day you both still cheated you can't erase it

  • Ask myself the same thing