I'm falling for this guy and I'm terrified?

I met this guy on a dating site six months ago and it's quite a unique situation. I stumbled upon him and he isn't normally the type of guy I would go after, but I knew as soon as I saw him that I needed to get to know him. I currently live abroad, studying at Oxford. He lives quite close to where I actually live, when I'm home, and we FaceTime each other easily 15 hours a week. About a month in, he told me he was falling for me, wishes I would go to school closer and move in with him. I am thinking of going to school closer to home for completely unrelated reasons, but this particularly touched me, because I don't think anyone's ever wanted to get too terribly serious with me. For the first time, I find myself caring more about his happiness than mine and it physically hurts that I haven't seen him in several months. He doesn't text me as much as he did in the beginning, but I think that's normal since there's also a noticeable age difference (Guys in their late 20s don't typically text every day, I don't think?). I'm elated because I get to finally see him in a week and a half, but I'm afraid... At first, I didn't know why, but I think it's because I've never felt this way before and I'm afraid of getting hurt. Is it possible that he still might be falling for me, even if he hasn't said it in a few weeks? This may sound petty, but I'm definitely overanalyzing and I can't help it. I'm terrified of losing him before I fully have him. Is it normal for him to talk to me less than in the beginning? I'm also afraid of initiating conversations too much (right now, it's about 50/50).
I'm falling for this guy and I'm terrified?
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