How do you remain abstinent or what are some tips to make it easier?

I'm 17 and my s. o. is 15. We've both have done some 2nd and 3rd base play outside of clothing and I've even done oral on her, again, outside of underwear. After that there was some fighting and we almost broke up. But now things are back to normal with us. The thing is, I still want to do everything I've done with her and more. But I also realize that for the best, I shouldn't.

I'm not religious in any way. So I just need some help. I'm seeing a doctor about this soon too.


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  • Well just play around and have fun that normally takes care of feeling horny, anal, oral, do everything else. Abstinance is a great policy for avoiding pregnancy, you can't crash a car you don't drive. If you still want to do it just wear a rubber or better yet take a look at Vasagel

  • your not religious and your still not going to have sex just why?

    • Because sex is the closest way you can be with someone after pregnancy. I want to save an intimate moment like that for the one. Because the more you do it with people the less intimate it becomes.

    • The more you do it with the same person maybe then less intimate but at least if your experienced when your with the one it'll still be intimate but even better.

    • It's not about doing it with the same person, that's fine. It loses its intimacy when you've done with multiple people.

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