Is there a way to win her back without resorting to negging and distancing myself etc?

I was dating this girl a few times. 3 months on I still want her so would love to get her back. Reading advice online it seems like I've been doing things exactly like you're not supposed to; I've been too available, I let her talk about her ex a LOT. At first she was constantly on at me to open up to her. But I'd just come out of chemo and I was nervous and shy as it was the first girl I liked in 11 years my shoulder was fucked so I was in constant pain. So when I seemed disinterested she seemed to almost chase me. I had a word with myself and decided to open up and almost overnight her attitude changed and she pulled away. She claims it was my shyness that was the major problem. We've stayed "friends" and I've tried to be more confident and open around her. But as I'm growing more confident she's still being down on the idea of ever trying again. I get that sometimes someone just isn't into you. But this literally went from hot to cold overnight alongside my transition from not being available to okay lets try this. I wasn't being distant by choice and I don't want to resort to games to try and get her back.


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