What size do you prefer?

What's your preferred size for your SO? This can be anything... Arms, legs, cheat, whatever. Not necessarily clothing, but what body proportion do YOU find attractive? Fat? Chubby? Skinny? Stick thin? If you want size, then say size. I'm a size 2 in my torso and a size 4-6 in my thighs. I'm two inches under six feet tall, so it's a little different for a size. If you want my opinion, my thighs are toned but thicker than I want. I've got a small to medium chest and a medium to large butt. My thighs are bigger than I like and my chest is smaller than I want.

I want a guy with a medium to large build-not fat. I just want a guy who's taller and more muscular than me because I have medium (broad/athletic) build. A guy who looks strong in himself... Not necessarily physically strong... But that would just be a perk if it were to happen. I just want a guy broader than me so I wouldn't be self conscious if we were to be intimate.

what are you self conscious about? What sizes do YOU like?
What size do you prefer?
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