He seems like me but doesn't ask me out, why and how to make it happen?

He was interested in me before, he asked me out for several times but because I was not that interested in him and I was super busy, I went out like twice. Than it cooled down a bit for around 2 month. I began to grow feelings for him and I tried to show him some interest, here's what it is :

He's been helped me a lot even it is on Sunday and is always around me, when I have problems he shows concerns. He also brings me the soup and dish that his mom made. He cares about me in details, like he would do things for me without me asking and if he saw me cough he may go and grab my water and pad my back... He joked about meeting my parents. He sometimes says goodnight and sometimes says good morning, he gives me nick names. When we are together he flirts a lot and once he even hug me from my back or tickles me, kicks my legs etc. We have lots of eye contact as well.

But I have two problems here.
1) When we are apart, he doesn't text me much, just a little good morning or good night, like at most 3 texts in one day, and doesn't really texts every day, like 3-4 times a week.
2) He hasn't asked me out yet. We meet 2-4 times a week at school. But he doesn't ask me out for a date.

Do you think he is into me or not? And why he doesn't ask me out for a date?


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  • It's either he's a little shy and you need to make the move. Or you've some how accidentally shut him down which is pretty easy for a girl to do believe it or not or it Sounds like you used him a little and now you're paying for it which I doubt but is a possibility

  • Sorry to say it but this ones on you, turrning a man down cripples their confidence. He obviously likes you and you him. However you may be the one who has to say something before another girl comes and steals your man!

    • what do you mean by turning a man down? you mean because I didn't show interest in him at first? So now even if he still likes me he won't do anything because of what happened before?

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