Does she like me or am I being used?

I have known this girl a few months and we've being going out partying most weekends (with other friends), I told her one of the nights that I really liked her and she gave me her number and said we'll talk. So a few days after I messaged her asking for this talk. I didn't get a reply and on the Friday afternoon (3days after I sent the text she text asking if I was comimg out) me being a gentlemen I came out and bought her a few drinks it was going great. I admit its my fault I should probably say it to her face but I only mention my feeligs over text however now its the stage where we're talking over the phone everyday and going for drinks every weekend. But im just not sure enough she's into me for me to risk embarrassing myself and hindering our friendship over something that might not be. I dont know if she sees me as one of the lads or more?
Does she like me or am I being used?
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