Girls, is it important how tall is your guy compared to other guys out there or irrelevant?

Let's say he is 5'8 to 5'11 and taller than you, but there are so many other taller guys, do you still feel protected or whatever when he is around taller guys? How much does his height compared to others matter to you?

Do you think the feeling of comfort and protection comes frommhim being taller than you or from him bing generally tall?

  • I prefer him to be generally tall (compared to other men)
  • As long as he is taller than me (but average compared to others) it doesn't matter
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  • I prefer taller than me. I am only 5'6'', but he does not have to be taller compared to other men. My boyfriend is 5'11, so about average for this country.

  • I don't mind him being a bit shorter than me so.. neither of these.

  • No, it's his height relative to me that I care about. Not other guys' heights.

    • yeah but when you at a club, him being surrounded by few 6'3 guys, do you still feel protected or whatever the reason you girls need your guy to be taller than u?

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