I really like this girl that I'm dating mentally, and emotionally. However I don't really find her that attractive. Will that matter in the long run?

As we grow closer will she become more physically attractive to me?

Sometimes when she is smiling and having fun. She will get this lovely look on her face but those moments are fleeting.


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  • no it will not. because looks do not make a person the heart dose and you may have some real with this person. a person that you can share every part of your self with and deep down is that not what we all are looking for.

    • so what is it that we all are looking for?

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    • than you, i have read some of the other things that were said and if you are waiting that's amazing also if i may so many people toss sex away now a days like it's nothing and my view on the hole thing is your body ( both male and female) is a temple that should be respected and loved and every time you have sex you a letting them in to your temple. now do you want some one in there that would treat it with as much love and respect as you would or do you want them to tarnish something so important. when it comes to giving such an important piece of yourself away looks will simply not matter. what will matter is the person standing in front of you and the love and respect they have for you, your soul and your body.

    • True very true and wise of you to say.

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  • It really depends on who you are as a person and whether you're a long game oriented individual or someone who plays the short game.

    • I'm a long player and so is she. I doubt that we will even have sex until the honeymoon because of our Christian beliefs.

    • Well when you're old and decrepit... I doubt you'll regret having someone like the aforementioned by your side. Looks are fleeting but memories last a life time.

      Most are not as lucky.

    • Thanks for the wise advice and yea that is true that "beauty is fleeting"

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  • I think in some ways she'll become more attractive to you as time goes on and you learn more about her, but there's a good chance that you'll never really have that feeling you get when you're truly physically attracted to someone. Looks are obviously important in a relationship, but only you can really decide just HOW important it is and if it's a deal breaker.

    • Thanks and I do hope that as we get closer her looks won't matter as much.

  • I think it will matter, and only get worse, but that's just me and from my own experience. So now, if I don't feel much attraction for someone within 2-3 dates, I don't pursue it further.

    You said you like her mentally and emotionally, so that means you know those parts of her and still don't feel more attracted to her. I've felt little attraction to someone and then gotten to know them and felt very attracted, but sounds like you know her and it's not making a difference in how you see her sexually.

    • Well there are sometimes where she is not looking where she is just having fun, happy, or curious and I can see how beautiful she is in those moments. Honestly I don't know what I like sexually probably because I never went that far with a women.

    • Well that's something at least. Go with what you feel is right, and if you need more time to decide, wait on it. Also, I didn't really mean knowing what you like sexually, but being sexually/physically attracted. If there's no chemistry or sexual interest, that can be an issue.

    • Thanks for your help. I'm definitely going to spend some time deciding what is right for me. Just because she is not my idea girl does not mean that I should simply dismiss her as others have suggested doing.

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  • It does matter, a lot

  • lol of course it will. dude. caution!
    youtube com/watch? v=vdrqA93sW-8

    • please just send me the name of the video please. I don't like copy and pasting links from this site for good reasons.

    • lol sure i'll get right on that