Does she know I was courting her?

We are dating for almost 2months. I put a lot of effort just to see her even though it was 2-3 times a week. Everytime I will visit her in her workplace, I wake up on 3:00am (because her schedule was in night time).

I didn't tell her it to her directly that I was courting her. But since I confessed my feelings (It was a month agao), told her that I like her, does she know that we are in a courtship? I am just confused, it is my first time. And also I am worried that I might be doing a wrong move and she might loose interest over time...

I do fell in love before. It started with friendship and we developed something deep. But this, I was realizing, it was hard, but I would put my effort just to with her.
Does she know I was courting her?
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