Girls, how important is your partner's height relative to other men?

I understand the reasons why women like their men taller and why men like their women shorter, but whats the role of one's general height to all others

Do women feel protected by their man being taller than just them or being generally tall, meaning taller than most guys out there?

What's the importance of a guy's height relative to other guys? Where does this belong in the attraction formula?

There are three scenarios:

1. Your guy is taller than you (e. g. 4inch taller) but generally shorter than most men (e. g. he is 5'7)

2. Your guys is taller than you (e. g. 3-5 inch taller) but quite average compared to other guys, he is 5'9 or 5'10

3. Your guy is taller than you and quite tall compared to other guys, he is 6'2 and above

Now how do women get their feeling of comfort? Would a woman feel comfortable in scenario 1 knowing that there are so many taller guys compared to her own? Would she get this feeling of safety etc?

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this matter:)


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  • I don't actually really care about other people as long as his height is good for me. Which is the standard 5'10 or above you must be to ride this ride.


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  • I don't think that they compare our height to other men. They usually just compare it to themselves. Though I don't really know because all of my female friends are shorter than I am and they really don't like it when I bring that fact up for some reason. If they were even close to being my height I could see them having a problem however all of them are at least 5 inches shorter than me.

    • you being 6'1?

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    • whaat, 5'5 for a man is not short, you saying this from 6'1 perspective, r u trollin?

    • he is smaller but short. To me a 53 guy is not short either. I have several "short/midget" freinds so I use them as my description of short. Height is relative when described. She might just want a really tall guy. Honestly don't worry about it. If you find a girl that does not like you because she wants a tall guy then just accept it and move on to the next woman.

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  • Ehh I don't ever compare heights to other guys, I just compare it to my height. Perhaps I'm more vain than others but I would prefer if he was still taller than me even in heels. But that's only a preference, not a requirement.

    • but how would u feel if he is surrounded by a bunch of 6'4 guys in a club or the street? Do you still feel comfortable and safe? Would you think he is less manly somehow?

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    • yeah but if there is a fight a 6'4 will 70-80% of the cases eliminate your shorter 5'10 guy, so not being able to survive in a fight is not being manly right?

    • I've already alluded to the fact that I don't care how tall a guy is compared to other guys, and it would take more than height alone to make me feel 'safe and secure'.

  • I dont really care


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