Do white and Hispanic women find Asian men (Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, Thai etc) attractive?

I asked this question already but I only got 4 answers. With only 2 of the answers being honest answers. While the other two answers were from a troll and someone who misread my question. If you White and Hispanic women find us Asian men (Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian and Korean) attractive, what do you find attractive about us? Is it our facial structure, body shape, personality or all three? Honest answers only. No rude or sarcastic answers.


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  • Yes.

    I have friends who go to a particular restaurant just to get a glimpse of the Thai waiter.


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  • have u seen the amount of kpop fans that are white and hispanic?

    • They might be Kpop fans, but that doesn't really mean they are attracted to Asian men.

    • wanna bet, half of them obsess over Asian men.

    • When I was in high school, a girl liked kpop and had a few Chinese letters tattooed on her right wrist but she admitted that she would never date a Asian man. Which was very odd.

  • to be totally honest personality is the first thing that attracts my attention to any one

    • That's interesting, for me I have to like the physical appearance and personality of the woman to find the woman attractive. I would also like that the woman finds me physically attractive and that she also likes my personality. I never understood how certain people can date a unattractive person for their personality.

    • well I won't win any prizes and I was brought up that its what inside that counts

    • I am not judging you, everyone is different. I know that a lot of women that look for physical attractiveness and personality in men.

  • I don't

    • Thanks for being honest at least.

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