My long distance crush/What to do?

I need your help on this since I don't have much experience. There is this guy I have a HUGE crush on, which is something that happens very rarely to me. But we don't even know each other and we live in different countries. In October I'm gonna go study abroad for 6 months and it's gonna be in his city. I found him because I was searching for good clubs to train martial arts, and he's one of the trainers. I felt immediately drawn to him and I learned that he's also a very kind and sweet guy. What should I do? I have 5 months left 'til I have the chance to meet him at training. Should I just concentrate on my studies during these 5 months and forget about him until it's time to go or should I do something about these feelings? Maybe add him on facebook, start a conversation, which I would also need help with? To be honest, I am terrified of possibly ruining everything before I even have a chance to meet him and form a friendship. But at the same time, I don't know how to endure this agony of waiting so long. I'm generally not that shy, but when it comes to letting someone know I like them, I don't have enough confidence, I think that I'm not good enough etc. He's a very attractive guy and I'll have a lot of competition, for sure. Should I be bold and risk it? Or the smartest thing to do is to wait for the right time? Please help <3
My long distance crush/What to do?
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