I feel so stupid?

To make it short, I met a guy 2 months ago. We went on 4 dates (all initiated by him) and it was all good. We talked/texted frequently, there was nothing I could complain about. But then he told me that he is moving to another city and that he would like us to just stay friends. It sucked but I agreed. We didn't have sex or anything, so I was kinda okay with us just being friends and staying in touch because he is overall a great guy. He said there's a high possibility that he will come back. Well, a week before he left, we were still hanging out (as friends), he was still very good to me. But few days after he left, he blocked me/deleted me from social media. Like WTF? just 2 days ago he texted me and asked me if I'm free to see each other in 10 days because he will come to visit and I said yeah. Why did he do this? I wasn't bombarding him with contact, it was usually him initiating. I feel so freaking stupid right now.
I feel so stupid?
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