Guys, I want to message a male stranger on facebook that I find attractive... what can I say to get his attention without being creepy?

Was thinking about saying this...

Hey, this is random... but I just came across your profile and think your totally handsome, So I thought I'd say Hi :)

Is that okay?

We have no mutal friends. Either... so I'm worried it may go in his other folder and he'll never see it. And there is no poke option


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  • Are you him.. Say you know someone with same name and similar look from your elementary school.. Or childhood and we're just wondering if he was that person..

    • Ni that's just weird I don't want to start off lie ing.

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    • Well you failed to present yourself correctly

    • We even met I'm person for a date.

      But he was just weirded out about being added by a random to facebook. Either way after meeting him... he wasn't what I expected either

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  • Sure, that's okay.

  • If i received that, i would assume you were about to suggest i talk to you via your cam site at a bargain price of $1.35 per 80 seconds.


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